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Portrait by Bettie Grace Miner
Testimonial from Mindi Abair:

I had never heard of the treatment used by Doctors 4 Entertainers until I was introduced to Dr. Ross. Since then he has worked on myself and my band members at a number of shows. We all have some form of back problem or neck injury from traveling and playing so much. The road takes its toll. Within just a few minutes he performs some easy stretches on my neck and I sit up and my whole body feels looser and better! It's so quick and incredibly effective. We've gone to finding doctors and bringing them to my shows in all the cities we perform in. We're spoiled by Doctors 4 Entertainers now! It's priceless to have your body working right on stage or just in life. They have definitely aided myself and my band in keeping our bodies centered and working as we're out there beating them up night after night on the road! Thanks, Craig!  --- Mindi

for more on Mindi Abair, go to  www.MindiAbair.com


 Nick Colionne -- 2007 International Instrumentalist of the year - Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards


Dewey Bunnell one of the founders of the legendary rock band "America" after his first treatment -- looking forward to Doctors4Entertainers at future venues.
For more on America go to www.VenturaHighway.com

Jessy J -- www.JessyJ.com  #1 Smooth Jazz song of the year, "Tequila Moon"

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U91fTG5DL9g 

Smooth Jazz Guitarist Legend Peter White  www.PeterWhite.com

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8U2S5Qzf2k

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