Doctors 4 Entertainers                
Chiropractic and Cranial Care

Tune-up for Performance

We are a nationwide group of chiropractors with vast
experience in the entertainment industry. We have
worked on rock bands such as America; Smooth Jazz 
artists Mindi Abair, Nick Colionne, Jessy J, Brian
Culbertson, Peter White, Rick Braun, 7-Time Grammy
Award winning Al Jarreau and Dance/Percussion
troupe Stomp. Our specialty chiropractic cranial
technique allows for optimum performance and
optimum health.

All the doctors are specially trained chiropractors 
that perform an advanced form of chiropractic
cranial work. Using this method the doctors are
able to provide optimum health in a precise, gentle 
and uniform manner. The response from many of the
entertainers under care has been one of pleasure at
being able to enjoy improved health and performance
with complete assurance that the doctor at the next
venue will provide the same quality care.

All of the doctors have individual practices in their
cities to provide outstanding care to the members
of their communities. All patients are treated like
Find out what these doctors are about and what
your colleagues are saying about them.
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